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Lockdown Blues

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I recorded this quite recently in my studio. Guitars were played into the Kemper Profiler DI.

The Hammond C3 and Leslie was fed into a power attenuator in order to drop the volume and enable the organ to be cranked for some grind. We miced the Leslie with two Shure SM98 mini condensor mics.

Bass was played through a Sansamp DI.

Live Streaming And Pre-Recording Events.

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I am recently retired (mostly) and living in a rural community in Nova Scotia. We have/had a very active arts scene that punched far above our demographic, drawing audiences from ~150kms. All indoor venues are small (50~200 seats) but manage a few outdoor festivals each year that attract 500~5,000. Being the solo tech guy, and supplying all of the gear, I try to promote as many shows as I can while walking the technical and financial tightrope.

My retirement plan is to only promote and tech shows that bring me more joy than grief. Good luck with that.

Welcome Paul Smith

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Hey everyone,

I am happy to announce Paul Smith, owner of Smith Music and Smith Consulting "just north of Edmonton AB" as our new A/V forum moderator. Paul and his staff work with large touring acts in the US and Canadian Hall Of fame acts through recording, stage management and production.
His company specializes in video content creation for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations which is why he fits perfectly for our new A/V forum, something we should have had here for years already!

He also specializes in:

essential knowledge or skills needed to be successful in recording?

I am writing an essay for class on how to be successful in recording, and I would love to get some information or experiences from any one who would like to help!

(Don't feel like you need to answer all these questions, anything helps!)

What would you say are the essential knowledge or skills needed to be successful in recording?

What are some essential characteristics of a successful engineer, producer, etc.?

What is something about either the music industry or the field of recording that someone on the outside might not know?

Why no audio being played through MOTU 8pre USB even though the meters on Logic and iTunes are blazing.

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I recently got a new MOTU 8pre interface. It has been working in spite of having to reconfigure the Optical In and Out everytime I startup. I have no ADATS or anything optical between the 8pre and the USB port on the back of my iMac.
After getting the CueMix FX to function as a stand alone mic and guitar pre without running Logic suddenly no audio is audible through MOTU 8pre USB even though the meters on Logic and iTunes are blazing.
Has anybody been through this and have a solution. Thanks.

Best microphone for classical music video

I have a Zoom Q4 video recorder, and I'm looking to make some video recordings of classical music (voice and piano). If I want to improve the audio quality, can anyone recommend an external mic that I can plug into my video recorder? I'm new to this, so any tips about mic set-up and so on would be very helpful. I'm thinking of spending between £200 and £500 ($280-$700)

SCARS-Ben Davis produced @Drool'nDoggRecords mastered@Specialized Mastering

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This one is a song Ben had posted looking for help not too long ago. This is the collaborative results we came up with.

Give it a listen please. Throw it up on the analyzers. The more environments it gets a listen in the better.

Bellow sound when notes are holding recording piano

Can someone please help me? I am recording piano, then copy/paste to another track to change to other instrumentation using east/west. I can hear a bellow sound when notes are holding. What is going on? (My publisher hears it as well. I have replaced my pedal and the usb.)

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