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Pro Audio Social - Text to speech forums. Does this interest you?

The introduction of audio in social media

Our future platform will include text to speech format. Meaning, we can talk and record or text will reply comments back in speech. What are your thoughts on this? Would you use this? Would a text to speech format be helpful in pro audio forums?


Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII, did I just get a lemon?

This is my first posting here though I've been reading many of the opinions on all the things that I'm completely obsessed with; that is studio gear, cool Microphones, beautiful instruments...
But my first question is pretty straightforward. I've got an ever-growing pile of really nice mic-preamps, from 3 CAPI (2 VP28 and 1 VP312), a Neve 511, a Focusrite ISA one, a UAD 4-710d, and assorted others that fill the "not bad" heading. And then I have the Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII. And the problem I'm having is that with all my other mic-pre's it's really a pretty easy process to dial in a great sound with a very good mic (AKG 414,Sony C-37A, Advanced Audio CE12, WA 67, among others) but with the pre-73 I feel like I'm struggling to just have it not only not distort but have the damn thing sound good at all!!!

So my question is did I just get a lemon? Though I've had good experience with Golden Age in the past maybe this mic-pre is just not that good? Maybe, god forbid, I'm not using it correctly? Maybe there is a good mod that can make this mic pre sound better? I mean I know it's not going to sound like a vintage 1073 but come on!!!
Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Harry

The Sting Interview

Rick Beato I have waited years to be able to have this conversation with Sting and longtime guitarist Dominic Miller. It was recorded at The Power Station Berklee NYC. Sting shares his thoughts on the creative process, songwriting and his music past, present and future. We discuss both The Police and his solo career as well as his influences from J.S. Bach to the Beatles. 

Zoom Q2/Q3

I have 2 Zoom recorders, the Q2 and Q3. For a handheld the quality is excellent although the Q2 seems to kill batteries in a flash when on video

Does anyone have experience with these, as far as using a mixer going into them, to balance and eq input levels, or multitracking using the audio output of the zoom into garage band or similar.

thanks in advance!
michael beechey

Ripping stems: Tips and Techniques

Hi all . I'm new to both this forum and to STEMS. I am using RipX to rip my stems and my DAW is Ableton live.

As anyone knows the success rate with ripping stems is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the main instrument stem/track comes out badly ...words to describe the sound would be very fussy, phasey, broken up, space-age, clipped etc. (if you know you know !)

SO what I want to know is what post ripping effects do people apply to even out this problem. I have a bit of luck with heavy EQ but I'm sure there must be way more I can try 

There are a couple of amazing you tubers who achieve spectacular results from Carpenters,Olivia Newton John, ABBA, Queen tracks etc so I know there is a better way out there

Any help would be wonderful ....thanks 

Neve Genesys Hybrid console

Genesys Black The Ultimate Hybrid Workstation

Neve Genesys Black

This to me is a perfect example of a "modern" console catered to hybrid workflows. Its got digitally controlled analog circuitry, recall and automation, and is partially controllable via a daw. The last part is fantastic as that means one could mix remotely, say at home, to do touch ups on a mix without going down the the studio. It also means you can rent mix time on the console and people can tap into it via a screen sharing app and networked audio solution like source connect etc.  

Modular construction makes upgrades and mods more practical, allowing for a longer useful life span.

With tight integration between daw and hardware, we are no longer restricted to physically being in the room to mix on an analog system.

This console is way out of my range, but I would love an 8 channel summing mixer with channel strips on each channel, and this level of recall.

It will be a while, but it's nice to see analog gear finally stepping into the digital workflow in a serious way.


Blue Cat releases super cool routing plugin!

You guys see this? Might be great for our power hungry DSP stuff, and more reliable than audio gridder, while being simpler than VEP.

Its pretty much a master/slave type pluginso you can route audio various places. I'm gonna grap it to try out.  I asked them if it would sync two daws up so I can use the sequencer in Reason and record audio in Samplitude while hearing everything synced to the same timeline, like I used to do with rewire.

Even if not, it's still cool to use another computer as an effects processor like for all my auxes, or for an ultra heavy amp sim or vsti.

I love the direction networked audio is heading. It would be great to play guitar out on my porch, while sending it to the daw, with minimal cables. Even wireless with a wireless guitar unit and a screen sharing app on a tablet.


LCD or SDC for classical vocal (soprano/ mezzo soprano)

Last Christmas I recorded a grand piano+ mezzo soprano+soprano. I used a ldc mic (Austrian audio 818) and a zoom f6 32bit float. Unfortunately it sounded bad. There was a nasty distortion in the higher frequencies at some moments both the vocals came in. The mic did not clip and was put about 3m from the vocals. In fact the on camera mic (sdc stereo mic) was ok and saved the day. In the past I did some nice recording with this mic and a classical tenor.( I tested the mic afterwards and it is fine) Would a Schoeps mk40 or mk41 be a better option? So has anybody ever noticed this strange distortion with a large diaphragm condenser?

Alesis MultiMix 4 to a single QSC CP8?

Hi, I have an Alesis MultiMix 4 mixer and a single QSC CP8 speaker. The manual for the mixer says to use 1/4 TRS for the main outs. And the speaker has a female XLR input. So my question is, if I only have one speaker, should I get a dual 1/4" TRS cable that terminates at the other end as a male XLR? Is that the proper connection when I only have one speaker? If not, how should I connect the main outs to the speaker? Thanks!

Neutrik TRS to XLR.jpg
Neutrik TRS to XLR

Audio Interface, periodic buzzing


I hope this is the right place to ask this question..

so I got a new Motu M2 Interface about a month ago. Since then there are periodic buzzing sounds coming from the Headphone Amps at "random" times. Sometimes it runs 3 hours without a Problem and sometimes the buzzing happens twice in 5 minutes. Turning the Interface off and on again "fixes" the buzzing temporarily.

The output meter isn't showing anything of it and I already sent the first unit back and received a new one, with the same result. So at this point I am suspecting some Problem with my PC. I am not unfamiliar with how to setup a PC properly for Audio Production, so I already worked through "all" the common steps. Got a suspicion, that it might has to do with my PSU, which is an older unit... but that's really just a guess into the dark.

I'm working on Windows 10 with fairly new Hardware and I'm starting to run out of ideas. I also recorded the buzzing ( ). Sorry for the noisy Background...

Motu M2 buzzing sound.mp3

I would really appreciate any idea or advice on how to figure this out.