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Fake social media content coming on big time.

This is where our fake world is headed. By 2030 90% of social media content will be created by fake users. the other 10% might be a real person.  I suspect it won't take that long either.

This link (amongst many others I get) was just sent to me: https://www.jasper… This link was particularly interesting which is about to put me over the deep end.

How to add thrash metal vocal effects?


How do I add reverb and delay OMG. I can't add anything to my vocals via vst because then it sucks.. so I plug in my two vocal pedals while recording 1 reverb and 1 doubler and if I do this then I can't use the compressor or eq because the effects are already there.. WHAT CAN I DO OMG how u add a delay which sits!!!!!  how do you add reverb? 

2. question:

How do you all capture the sound of an electric guitar?

Plugins? Mic’d amp? I use a plugin called Bias Amp 2 for all amp and cab simulations which I quite like (although seems to sound nicer with my tele than Les Paul). I’ve also heard really good things about a plugin called amplitube but don’t have any experience with it.. What do other people use?

Hitch a Ride - Brad Delp's processing?

Hi!  Wow, it's been a while since I've travelled this way.

I've been asked to do a cover of Boston's "Hitch a Ride".

I'd like to solicit opinions for what processing they are using on the legendary Brad Delp's vocals. To my ears, I can't decide if he tracked it twice or if the doubling is done electronically. 


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