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Practice mixer

Hi guys,

I have an alesis crimson ii, and use a behringer 250watt amp. I have a small practice room in the garage and currently just using my smartphone to play backing tracks through, I am absolutely useless when it comes to technology -so do I need a mixer? It's just me drummin away so i wouldn't want anything too fancy but i think it could all sound better? Any help or recommendations would be great! Thanks

Jamulus - jamming

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Hi all,

In case anyone is itching to jam during the Covid 19 craziness. I can thoroughly recommend Jamulus. I even got it going without any third party audio routing and my very complex Studio Live 16 series 3. The best way, spoiler alert, use your DAW and run a send out to another set of outputs and that way you'll get a full mix instead of a single stereo feed or 2 monos. I'll be running a server here in the UK a lot called Tonys drop in.



8 inputs / mic lines. What mics would you choose?

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scenario; recording to analog tape. 8 mic lines from the studio into 8 mic inputs in C/R. recording bands live. rhythm section, then overdubs, horns if needed, vocals last.

assume there's 5 - sm57's and 2 - 414's in the collection already. we're on a tight budget. what 8 additional mics would you choose for the mic locker?

Help with 1st time studio setup

My father for years has loved to sing and record himself with just his cellphone. I am planning to finally do a little setup for him but I am totally new to this. I believe he has a good speaker the harbinger MLS900 and got a Samson C01 condenser mic with a cheap 48V phantom power supply. Is it a must to have a computer ? Can he just connect the mic to the phantom power then to the speaker and just record ?

Building home studio in shipping container

Building a home studio, but this is what i'm working with, looks like there's no two-ways about it in terms of budget, location etc.:

-Building it in a shipping container. Yup, that's right. About 20'x6.5', height around 6.5'-8'
-Budget for sound-proofing and acoustic treatment: around $7,000 maybe could go a little more.

Anyone have any ideas how to do this right? And i will NOT be reading Rod Gervais's book before this, mainly because of time.

Need help with noise on guitar track

Whenever I record the guitar, I get this super high pitch hissing noise that I can get rid of with a noise gate fx when the guitar isn't being played (very beginning of the clip) But as soon as he starts playing, the noise gate isn't effective any longer. You have to turn the volume up louder to hear it clearly.

This is an archtop guitar, plugged into a reverb pedal, plugged into the mixer, and the mixer outputs to the inputs of the video camera (the guitar isn't mic'd)

Thanks for any input on what the noise is, and how to eliminate it completely if possible.

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