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Absolute Beginner guide to recording instruments?

Hi! I have no idea if this is the right place for this, but my friends and I are in a band, and we want to start recording.

Now I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing this, and I would really appreciate if someone could help us out.
We have two guitars, a bass guitar, drums, and two vocals.

How To Record On Cubase – The A to Z Guide

Hello guys this is a Cubase tutorial I've created, I've included anything you need to know
I posted this in this category cause it clearly said NEWBIES, it's pretty basic stuff,
but many people struggle with Cubase when they open it.
You can also check out the http://musicproduct… original post here

Working guide for speaker, producers and engineers (audiobook / radio play)


Hello everyone!

I've searched very long for the right workflow. The resulting workflow can be described not as complete and is constantly evolving. When I look back, as clueless as I worked with Wavelab at First, I must laugh about me - or even ashamed. And maybe I will the current, in turn, smile again.


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