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Line hum with DSLR on AC adaptor and external mic

Hello all,
Firstly, my gear for this issue
EOS Canon 70d DSLR
RODE VideoMicro
Neewer ac adapter

I have set up my camera to record myself talking.
The mic i've got is a consumer external mic, cost about £60.
Whilst using battery power with the camera all is fine, but if I use the AC adapter to power the camera, I get a loud powerline hum.
I've had a chat with a friend who works for Dynaudio and he confirmed that it was noise from the mains.

Please help - To Choose Clean Audio (Loud Humming noise Comes from outside)


I've a a home studio and invested in good gears. Fortunately all was going well but ever since summers started, I've been facing an issue:

Someone runs an old era machine day and night, near my home and it makes "a lot of annoying humming noise which comes in my room and my floor also vibrates" Even at night I can't record (it's 3:59 AM right now). Also sound acoustic panels doesn't work at my place and also they cost fortune here :) so

How to determine cause of guitar hum?

We've been trying to solve a hum problem. We know it's not the guitar (archtop with set in humbucker) because the hum only occurs in one particular place in the room. If we move the guitar even a couple feet away, the hum stops. Discovered that the hum is negligible when using a wood bridge and wood tailpiece. Worse with metal bridge and metal tailpiece. We know that the wiring and grounding of the hardware is correct. We've unplugged lights, computers, etc from nearby. So what could cause a low hum that goes away when you move the guitar from one specific position?

MXL 770 really bad hum

I have a problem with my MXL 770 mic
Yesterday that was all ok.
But now i hear so many background/static noise from the MXL 770.
I attached file with that hum.

What can i say more..
It is not problem with mixer or cable.. i was connect mxl 990 with the same cable, mixer, and input channel
and 990's haven't problem.

Could you tell me what happened?
How to fix it?

Thanks in advance


Serious Humming/Feedback

I recently purchased a brand new Numark Mixdeck Express midi controller. I connected it the other night at a gig to my QSC K12 speakers using XLR cables. On the rear of the controller are 3 XLR outputs that say BALANCED. I connected regular XLR cables (microphone cable) and ran it to the left and right speakers separately. I then tried to power up the speakers and they would not turn on. Thinking it was a bad power source I plugged them into another outlet. Finally once the speaker turned on the sound that came through was an extremely loud hum!

Question re. Beyer M81 hum/noise

Hi, everyone!

This is my first here at the forum; I am somewhat new to the world of recording, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a pair of Beyer M81s (M818) to experiment a bit with some old mics. They are supposed to be fantastic dynamics - but I'm having issues with mine. Both of them emit a serious buzz/hum/noise through a PA speaker, and when trying to record through my GAP 73, there's no signal until I hit the upper gain stages - and then, the same hum prevails.

The Windsor Hum

I just found out about this - apparently there is an intermittent audible low end oscillation ( 35-50 hz) that permeates the Windsor, Ontario region. The source has been discovered, it's a steel mill located on Zug Island in Detroit across the river from Windsor.

LOL.. I wonder how big of a bass trap they'd need to absorb this ... It must be a drag for recording studios in the area. ;)

At the 1:00 mark

My monitors has a hum - resolved ground loop

I wanted to extend my monitors out to another room for a different perspective. So I ran 2 longer cables to the other room, but after hooking them up 1 of the monitors has a hum in it (the other monitor is just fine). I thought it might be something with the 1 cable so I switched the cables to the monitors, but the exact same monitor still hums. So I thought something happened to that monitor and I went and put that monitor back in the other room with the shorter cable hooked up to it, and it doesn't hum there. It only hums when hooking it up to a longer cable run.

Microphone weird noise / static / hum / helicopter please help :(


I made a account here because I can't find help anywhere else.

I have had microphone problems for about a year.
When I touch computer case the noise isn't so bad but still exits, and when I move microphone in some positions the noise changes little bit. Time to time it was so bad that mic didn't pick my voice at all. Sometimes it was like helicopter...