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Home recording for my Bluthner grand 1885

hi guyz, right now I'm using a behringer b2pro. very entry level microphone. I wanted to ask you if you had a microphone (not in pairs) to recommend for recording a grand piano at home.
the room is (4x10) and the piano is a beautiful bluthner 220 cm from 1890.
i was looking for RODE nt1 / Okm II or a Akg P420. unlikely i cant go over 200 $.

The Upgraded TAB 57 captures more warmth and detail

I just read this funny post on GS :

''The Upgraded TAB 57 captures more warmth and detail, where that extra detail is rolled off on a stock 57 to cut production costs.''

I think Shure either decided that the sm57 would sound like this or with the construction, it happened to sound like this. Now this price/detail Relationship theory is very funny ;)