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plugging up my first patchbay? Doing it right!

I am about to plug up my studio.
I got some great info about the inputs I have .

So step one is to run my instruments through a patchbay, normalled to mixer channels on my Yamaha 32/10.

I am hoping to use an 8 channel snake from the patchbay's outputs to the mixer's inputs.
Its getting complicated quick, because of the various outputs of my instruments. Here is the list.

patchbays for extra gear

Hello! I have used digital recording mixers for some time now. However, I now have more analog inputs (synths, drum machines, etc.) than I have input jacks available on the sixteen-track recorder. It is a Yamaha AW16G, which only has eight analog input jacks. I have a patchbay(Behringer PX-3000) which is a standard A/B vertical pairing (X 24 of them). In other words, 48 total analog jacks. I have read over and over again about Normal, Half-Normal, and Thru modes.

speaker out from amp and speakers on patchbay?


I'm trying to put my surround and surround back speakers as well as surround and back surround speaker out's from a 7.1 amp on a TRS patchbay.

I have cheap speakers hard wired to the ceiling and I just got some real nice JBL movie theater speakers for the back surround.
Netflix is mostly 5.1 so I'd rather have my back surrounds wired to the surrounds but a lot of HD tv/blue ray is 7.1 so I'd like to have the JBL's as back surround still using the cheap speakers as surrounds.

Help with first patchbay

I've already spent too many hours on this, but...

I've purchased a 96 point TT patchbay. I've ordered a couple of the db25 sub cables. Before I get too far along, I'd sure appreciate any thoughts/additions/deletions anyone would be willing to add.

Thanks in advance.

CH 1-24

CH 25-48

WZ3 is the Allen & Heath 16:2 WZ3 that I am considering using for OTB summing (bad idea?)

Guitar preamp fx loop to patchbay connection

How would i typically do this?
My preamp is an old mesa boogie studio pre.
It has mono send and stereo return.

I tried connecting the send out to the top row (1) and the stereo returns on the bottom row ( 1 and 2 )
The connection is half normalled. When i patch the signal into an effect unit and return a stereo signal everything is fine. But if i only wanna use the preamp without any effects (just the normalized connection)
it will only be on the left input, obviously because input 2 isn't normalled to anything. I found out that removing

Patchbay Layout


Ive been working on a layout for my first patchbay. Its gonna be a switchcraft or redco with dsub connectors.
Main interfaces is the Zed R16 mixer and the RME UFX. My "studio" is one room only, in my livingroom so its basically just me messing around playing, recording and mixing. Im sharing my layout here in case anyone wants to take a look at it and share some feedback. It would be nice to have other peoples opinion and advice as i have not much experience with patchbays.

Need advice on best USB-Midi patchbay

I've got Pro Tools HD Native with an Omni and a HD i/0,running on a Mac Pro 4.1 with OSX 10.8,and I need something USB that will communicate, and be recognized by a Mac so that I can use some of my older MIDI gear.I've got a Roland PCR-800 with USB,but no matter what I try,the Mac doesn't recognize it.It does not show up in my USB profile.

Thanks Rick

Patchbay, mixer vs. summing mixer

I have three related questions for you.
I was uncertain whether ask for your help or not and eventually decided for this second option, I hope you'll help me focus on relevant facts.

The centre of my production system, with which i used to do soundtrack's songwriting and mixing with a friend/collegue of mine and other audio related
tasks, is based upon a personal computer (windows) and a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (8 analog inputs/10 analog outs; 16 ADAT i/o, w.c. i/o etc).

Running snakes to a patchbay

I am in the process of building a studio in my good friends home. The studio is about 900sqft, it has a large live room, 2 iso booths and a large control room. The studio is being built to be as soundproof as possible, double wall construction, two layers of drywall with green glue, etc... The framing is pretty much complete but now I have reached the point of trying to figure out how to best run all of my signals to the control booth. I was considering running different snakes to each room that all end up at a patchbay in the control room.


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