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Mackie 1604 ( patchbay ) is this wrong

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10 years 10 months
Hi everyone, and Happy 4th. I have a Mackie 1604 I use as a monitoring setup, and a glorified patchbay with my Digi003 & Presonus Digi FS, since latency is introduced I have the players through the Mackie for monitoring, and I also will route recorded tracks back to the Mackie for external effects and a tube Pre Amp. I can record at 32 samples latency without the Mackie, which is fine and just eliminate the Mackie and use a patch bay for routing. It doesn't seem to introduce noise since I have all the trim knobs to the left, but it just seems practical for a routing mixer too me.

Best gear to connect spring reverb into line-level patchbay?

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16 years
I have a very nice spring reverb that I use between my guitar and my guitar amp. I would like to connect it to my studio patchbays and use it during mixdown.

It is a tube buffered be specific, a Dumblelator-type circuit with the reverb hard-wired into its effects loop.

My studio (Pro Tools HD, mixer, rack units) runs at +4 line level, so I have the impedance mis-match problem. So, I need:
(1) A Reamp type of unit on the input, to convert from low impedance to high impedance.

Patchbay Routing

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15 years 8 months
Thinking that while I have read a boat load of opins on how to wire -route patchbays.
I've come to the conclusion that it is a very individual thing.
I have even read that one should wire a p-bay in that on panel facing you, the upper conns are the outputs of say outboard gear and the bottoms are inputs to same.
For me it is the opposite in my mind:
In on top + Out on bottom just seems more natural, like water flowing.

I am bringing all ins & outs of :
DAW + Interface
Outboard processing gear

Patchbay connections to a Tascam 2488 not working

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21 years
hey all, i added a Behringer Ultrapatch Pro patchbay to my setup. just wondering how to set it up. i have seen a few tutorials regarding seperate mixers/DAW's but none with the Tascam 2488.

i want to patch in my Roland juno keyboard, My Pre strip, my Alesis reverb, and my delay pedal/POD effects unit.

Patchbay Wiring Configuration

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11 years
Hey Guys:smile:

Attached is a PDF of of my proposed patchbay layout.

Please let me know if I'm going about it the right way and please especially comment on the 'un-balanced TS or balanced TRS' cables!!

Basic Setup:

Toft ATB24

- sound source via XLR input into desk
- direct outputs from desk to patchbays
- signal after preamp, fx, etc. back into desk via 1/4" jack line input

MOTU 24 i/o

- Inputs via TRS from 'half-normaled' patchbay 'A'

Connecting Patchbays and Mixer... what cables & wiring

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11 years

I'd like to wire a 24-channel analog desk to a patchbay for outboard gear and then route it back to the desk.

I wish to record the signals dry during the tracking process but would like to mix OTB and use my outboard gear in conjunction with any plugins. I'd like to use some FX like reverbs just for monitoring purposes during the tracking process.

Per channel the connections are:

Line input - Balanced 1/4"
Monitor Output - Balanced 1/4"
Insert - unBalanced (?) 1/4"
Direct Output - Balance 1/4"
XLR Input

Connecting Mixer channel line inputs to patchbay & respective mic inputs

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21 years
Hello and thanks for your insights.

I am currently designing a patchbay in my project studio and want to take the line inputs from the back of the mixer (Mackie D8B) and connect them to a patchbay as well as connect the respective channel mic to an XLR snake which is routed to another room. i.e., all of 12 channels will have a line input cable connection as well as a mic input cable connection.

19" XLR or TRS analog patchbay for MixDream 25 pin send/return

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21 years
I'm looking for a 25 pin to 25 pin patchbay that connects the 1 to 8 and 9 to 16 analog send and returns of the MixDream.
I want it have the options to patch my analog gear to either XLR or TRS for each channel. This way it saves me from buying double snakes or extra adapters. What are some really good options?

Here is an image of the rear panel of the MixDream.