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recording vocals

Recording Vocals - Microphone choices


In the videos I have been producing, we've listened to a number of microphones and how they respond to voice and instruments, but for completeness, we'd not heard them on voices. I'd been working on a little job where I'm creating a stage track for a person I've worked with for years and I always send him the stems, and a guide vocal. He then replaces that with his voice, and does another of just the track which he uses live with a real voice and the tracks. I thought it an opportunity to put out an array of mics and record my vocals on the different mics.

Vocals aren't clear, how to fix them?


First post for critique. I was told the vocals weren't clear enough, so I'm wondering if I fixed that.
This is kind of a weird peace that started as a folk-ish tune, but turned to "something" else entirely. I got to messing around with Uhe's Tyrell and Zebralette and a few ideas came out. Sort of new for me since I'm not very much a synth kinda guy, but at the same time, I'm pretty opened minded about music. I think my eclectic taste is to my detriment sometimes.
I sing and play everything except the chorus vocals, which were done by a friend of mine.

Blue Spark vs. MLX 990s for home recording (acoustic & vocals)


hey all. visiting family & planning on doing a little recording with my niece. the only mic i've ever really owned is a studio b1 from like 2002. it died on me & i need to get one really quick and don't want to spend more than $100. I know...not much.

Guitar Center has a MXL 990s Patriot Edition for $55 brand new, but someone in the area has a blue spark for that they'd sell me for $75 that is new too.

Market Price on the Spark is $100 more than the MXL, so I'm guessing it's worth the extra 20 to get the Spark?

Mic for recording talking and vocals /rap


I have a sure sm58 and a c4000B AKG.
The problem is I like the sure sm58 for listening to myself talk all day. rap music and chorus singing.

So I want a mic like the sm58 thats good for recording talking and vocals and like performance situations.
400-1200 dollar range

I get a lot of sound in my room so that`s why. I like dynamics cause they don`t break but maybe I should move on.
Should I go with hyper cardiod or will the sure ksm9 cut out enough background noise so that I don`t hear my computer or room noise on all the recordings.

Foam Pop Filter On Condenser Mic's When Recording Vocals?


Hey everyone.

I have a RODE NT1-A, and I'm not a big fan of its pop filter. Now, I've seen the band Queen have a condenser mic, similar to that RODE (in terms of look of the instrument), and they used a pop filter like this on it:

I asked a Guitar Center employee what he thinks about it, and he basically gave me a weird look, but in my head I was thinking that (QUEEN DID IT & THEY KICKED ASS) lol

Has anyone done it before?



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