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Vinyl Record transfer

Put away my electric guitar stuff for the holidays, those items are part of my living room ... don't ask about the workshop or vinyl listening room ... my kids call my house ..Nashville
So I rigged my turntable to a pedestal with wheels so I can roll it from location to location. I fed the phono preamp to lines in, hit record.
Looking at the level of the wave, the variance between records is quite noticeable. Remember the limitation vinyl has, dynamically ... to much and the needle will hop I read

First master to vinyl

Well, this is my first time mastering to vinyl and I sure do wish I had some experience from vinyl cutting but I don't. Do I started to read on the subject and came to the conclusion that the cutting to vinyl will take away some low frequencies and add a lot of highs. I started with adding glue with slate digital VTM yo get some roundness also. Then I did some eq processing with adding to the fundamental freq of the kick (60hz) cut 1.5db@6khz to tame the hats with an uad pultec eq. I did a lot of compression with a multiband between 92-182hz to sit the bass into the mix.

Mixing in a DAW for vinyl release questions...

So I have read some articles online, and one small thread on this forum on this topic.

I will be completing a project that is for vinyl and digital release.

It seems a good idea to make sure you don't have a ton of presence on tracks as well as bass. Especially sub. So what is the workflow hear? High pass everything appropriately and get a good mix this way, and don't pan kick or bass drums?

Should I help out the mastering engineer and do some M/S eq'ing to remove any excess low frequencies from the sides?


ya know, if Vinyl was still here, we would all be better off (musically). And not for the sound, because I do not believe vinyl sounds sonically better, but because we needed to take care of our records, we could read more about the music and because... no one could copy them. Then cassette came along. CD... the end.

Different playing times on both sides of a vinyl record

No this is not the umpteenth thread on how many minutes will on each side of a record, I've been preparing pre-masters for lps for some years already. However this time I've stumbled on a big difference in playing times of each side. I know the playing sides should be as close to each other as possible, as I've understood this causes a difference in volume. And it would be strange to have one side some dB louder than the other.