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MAC & DIGI 001 ??

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I have an iMac G5 2.16 GHz 1GB memory 250GB hard drive and an outdated digi 001. I don't have the money to purchase a digi 002 and prefer to keep the 001. I was jsut wondering since the digi 001 runs through a PCI card if there is any way I could connect it to my mac. Is there an external PCI slot i could purchase or possible an adaptor?


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jonnyc Mon, 01/22/2007 - 12:51
I looked and looked for something like you're talking about but never found anything. Thought maybe there was a firewire device that was some sort of pci converter thing but they don't seem to exist. It's actually the main reason I wish I had never purchased an Imac.

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hueseph Mon, 01/22/2007 - 20:49
TVPostSound wrote:
Is there an external PCI slot i could purchase or possible an adaptor?????

They are called expansion chassis, but the price of a 002 is far cheaper.

Is there even an external PCI express port on the iMac? Mine for sure don't have one. (intel core duo). The Digi 002 does look like a better option.

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Kev Tue, 01/23/2007 - 01:46
you will also have an OS issue with trying to run a 001

I think the 001 is locked at 6.4 on both XP and Mac ... could be OS9 and only the earliest OSX ... and as for Intel ... something tells me ... NO

even though the later Macs had a PCI slot ... I think there was an end to using the 001

generally 001s are at there best inside a modern XP machine
same goes for an AM3 card
that is if you expect to run LOTS of plugs and soft synths