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Free HQ Snare & Kick samples(gog file included)

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I've been busy getting together some really BIG sounding snare samples and I'd like to share my efforts. These samples (gog file included for drumagog users) are of 3 of my current snares, each run thru various high quality pres and industry standard mics. (sm57/API 512c, 421/API 512c, GT44/Sebatron vmp2000e) . All samples are Hard hits that will punch thru any mix and all samples are a combination of two mics- one dynamic and one condenser. All were processed with UAD1 plugs for extra beef but only mildy EQ'd and compressed, so they can be further modified to your liking. The snares are as follows (all tuned properly with week old heads, and damped slightly with Moongel):

Pearl Sensitone Custom Brass (57/API-GT44/Sebatron)
Yamaha Musashi Oak (57/API-GT44/Sebatron)
Pearl Free Floating Maple (421/API-GT44/Sebatron)

There are 10 hard hits per snare with the best hits chosen out of about 50 hits each. The reason I only included hard hits, is simply because I tend to get rock and metal drummers in here that don't hit very evenly and when I have to replace hits with drumagog, I hate having to correct peaks to get the proper hits. If you are familiar with Drumagog, it can choose samples randomly and dynamically and when you get mediocre drummers, half of the hits are too soft to get the full impact of the sample. These gogs will replace all the hits with nice strong hits - what rock/metal albums generally need. I usually put the subtle snare stuff on another track and process it separately underneath the replaced hits. Basically, I made these samples to make my life easier. Sorry, I was being selfish, but if you are in the same boat as me, you will appreciate these samples. And hey, they're FREE! :)

**EDIT: I threw some kick samples in there too. The Ludwig works especially well for metal.**

I'm done rambling, here you go:

[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.thebluer…"]HQ Snare & Kick Samples[/]="http://www.thebluer…"]HQ Snare & Kick Samples[/]