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Adam p-11's, my first real monitors

I posted this on another forum but only got one response-- which I appreciate, but I'm hoping for more feedback.

I'm going to be checking out my first "real" monitors in my home studio-- ADAM p-11s. After I set them up, I'll listen to a lot of material I'm really familiar with taking notes on what I hear, comparing that to what I hear through my current set up, and my home stereo, boom boxes, car etc. Then I going to mix some of my older and current songs with them and compare the results to previous mixes. Then I'm going to start a new song with them and see how that goes.

If I: think they improve the way I work, hear what is going on better, and if my results are better (as I suspect will happen), then I'm going to stick with them. I don't really have the chance to set up a couple of other "real" monitors and compare them in my room, and I'm not knocked out my my local merchant's selections, that is why I'm just judging one pair on their own merits. If I really don't like them (or more the way I end up working with them), I'll return them.

I'm already sure that in every way-- even in the low end-- these will be an improvement over what I got now. I also know that I should expect honesty-- by analogy I'm not looking at Claudia Schiffer with these, I should be listening to some hyper critical b^*%ch tell me about my faults ;) . Anyway, that is sort of something I need to be suspicious of-- right?-- that I souldn't actually hope to "like" what I'm hearing, but to be able to pin point problems.

Anyway, if anyone thinks this approach will like lead to disaster, or if anyone can give me any heads up about what to expect from the the ADAM p-11's, I'd greatly appreciate it. I currently use a cheapo Carvin amp and their PM-5's which were simply meant to hold me over till I can afford better.



vinniesrs Wed, 07/02/2003 - 13:25
Musicalhair! I don't know about you, but one of the reasons I started recording was so that I would enjoy what I heard! You should too. Even in the control room.
I currently use alesis monitor ones for close up listening, and they translate very well.(as I'm sure the adam's will...even though I haven't heard'em!) I did not always have the alesis, and I had to make do just like you. An endless job of running around and listeneing to this machine and that one. Home speakers are designed to be complimentary to the sounds of a recording, and there can be a huge difference from one home speaker to the next. Studio monitors are designed to be transparent and show a sound for what it is. I am taking it for granted that you have looked at the acoustics of your room and have taken steps to correct ssues the best you can. If you work until your mix sounds great, and has a good balance on your own monitors, then it will sound good anywhere.
As for specific things you may want to change, but not sure how, bring them up. I'm sure you will find valuable suggestions, and we could learn from your situation as well.


Member Fri, 07/11/2003 - 10:16
Thanks for the response, Steve.

I've been looking into improving my rooms acoustics for a while now. I've got to get into a bigger place for everything to be picture perfect, but I've worked out a rearranging of stuff here for things to be better.

I've had a chance to listen to the ADAMS now a couple of times here, breifly (busy with home "improvements"). Basically, I listened to some recordings that I knew had problems and I now heard those same problems but to a greater extent.

They are an improvement over my previous situation-- I can't really describe why I think that, but the vocals that I've listened to sound more "real" and just more pleasing when they aren't blowing out the mic or knocking around the mic stand (live recording). I didn't really hear the knocking around of the mic stand before, I guess I can chalk that up to better bass response.

When I get a better chance to listen to a lot of stuff on them, when I'm not in a cloud of saw dust, I'll report back on what I think and so on.

Rader Ranch Fri, 07/11/2003 - 12:13
sounds like you're doing it right to me. make sure you mix as well as listen. FWIW i wasn't blown away when 1st checking my S2A's (i.e. it wasn't an audiophile, electrostatic tower wow! kinda all), but they proved themselves in the long run. what was almost immediately evident was their strength in areas where my old monitors were consisitantly letting me down. that initial impression, supported by listening/mixing, made my decision easy.

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