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Converting Pro Tools Sessions from Mac to PC

I'm moving my setup from my Mac to my PC. Im using the 001 and going from LE 5.2 to LE 6.4 on XP. Is there a way to convert my sessions so I can continue working with them?

I noticed in the upgrade manual it says you can save a session copy and for pc compatability, but i dont think 5.2 has that. any insight will be greatly appreciated.


Kev Sat, 01/06/2007 - 12:48
were the Mac seesions using dot wav or are they dot aif ... or SD2 ?

been a while since I was looking at a ver 5 PT session but

Session Save as ... I don't remember when this feature arrived
this allows you to export all data and I think it allows for slight changes that may cover the Mac/PC compatability that Sheet mentioned
with a change to dot wav and handle some plug settings and automation
you can tag for ALL audio files and plug settings
or just the used audio etc

experiment on one session until you ... get it

you could try
create new session in 6.4 XP
track import from the old Mac PTLE 5.2

it may import and convert and bring the edit with it

I've NOT done this so I've no idea if it will solve your problem here

otherwise you will have to set up an archive from PTLE5.2
basicaly it is to send out, track by track a simple single dot wave file for each track
you will lose the re-edit capability
all files will be the same length and size
this can then be imported into any DAW

don't forget to output the Midi file and relavent data to create the new midi in 6.4

SuprSpy79 Sun, 01/07/2007 - 18:23
I actually used mac drive and copied the converted sessions to my local hd. Turns out using macdrive adversly affects the performance of the hd as I could run my sessions with the plugins i had and kept getting cpu and dae erros, so i formatted the hd for the pc and it works insanely better. Im happy with it so far.