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I have been expirimenting with saare track recording, so far I have used a

AKG C-414 about 1" from the top side polar pattern facing at a 45 deg angle 20db pad, very thin sound and pingy ( this snare is not a very fat sounding snare in the first place ) we try'd different positions but not much help ?

Microteck Gefell U691 1.5" same postion, 10db pad, 100hz rolloff, much better sound but still a little thin ( added a sm57 to the bottom helped the overall sound ) It still dos not sound like the drum in the room the room sound is much fuller and thicker

I could try a further distance tight pattern mic over top to get a fuller sound but I am concerned about bleed

Any suggestions



Rod Gervais Tue, 06/24/2003 - 11:59



I have used the SM57 very successfully for recording my snares - i set it roughly 6" to the outside and 3" below the snare - pointed at the snare centre........

I also add a touch of compression - and the rest is a matter of EQ on the board.

For me the 57 is the mic of choice.

You say in the 1st paragraph that the snare is not very fat sounding itself - maybe just a touch of reverb afterwards to fatten it up?

I have never had to do this - and am not a engineer by any means - but it seems logical to me that this might work -

Happy Hunting


Rod Gervais Tue, 06/24/2003 - 13:17

Originally posted by mike buzz:
The concern with a room mic is bleed !! , I could add a room mic for ambiance fatness and apply FX to the close mic then mix the 2-3 together ( I'll try this next time ) but I think the problem will be to much bleed of the hi-hat , toms and symbals into the snare ?????


You'd end up having to gate it to get the problem solved - just leave it by the snare - try the different suggestions - and remember - you said it wasn't much of a snare regardless - you can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear - make it the best you can - and have your drummer pick up a killer snare.