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Hi, I'm new here and new to Pro Tools so I don't know much. I am using the Ueberschall Elastik 3 player to assign drum loops to my midi keyboard. The problem is, the loops only run as long as I hold the key down. I need them to run when I engage the key and turn off when I depress it a second time. I read the Akai manual and I think they refer to this as setting keys to toggle. I can't get it to work. Can anyone tell me an easy way to activate this toggle feature? Thank you very much.


audiokid Sat, 10/23/2021 - 12:42

Welcome to our community.

I'm not familiar with your setup but am with a MIDI programming in general so I may be able help in some way.

My first thoughts are: There must be a few types of control settings which 'enable or disable" trigger functions. I'm suspect you are already looking there but make sure you have your keyboard set as the Master and other device set as slave(s). The Master always tells other devices what to do.

Also, does your setup allow for foot pedals to control start stop, hold, punch-in/ out, loop etc? That might be a good place to see if they work. Then, you can find where the keys do the same thing when set to do it instead of a pedal insert.