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Format/Reinstall+Pro Tools Upgrade = Decreased Performance?

i was a victI'm of some nasty spyware on my computer and was forced to format/reinstall xp on my main system drive. after i got xp back up and running, i loaded my drivers, then installed pro tools. i decided that i'd finally install my upgrade from my version of Pro Tools 6.4 to 6.9. i was expecting great performance, because of the fresh start on the hard drive (pro tools and plugs are the only programs on it) as well as the upgraded version of ptle. i was disappointed when i opened up one of the mixes i'd been working on previous to the xp reinstall, pushed play, and got an error message: "you are running out of cpu power, remove some rtas plugins or increase cpu usage limit" - i'm on 1024 h/w buffer, and 85% cpu usage. i'm running kind of a lot of plugins, but its the same number that i was running without any problems on my previous system.

i went through some of the tweaks to optimize xp for audio, restarted, and re-opened pro tools, and am still having the same problem.

please help! any replies are greatly appreciated. thanks!