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Live recording

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I am not expert in recording...I have two microphones and I use them to record outdoor. Which accessories would you suggest to handle them? something like the A27M Shure adapter? but I don't want to use stands, just handle the microphones. Is there something like the combination of the Neumann HG 82 the A27M Shure adapter?
Sorry for the silly question..



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Cucco Wed, 12/05/2007 - 22:44
Gius wrote: The bars you have suggested me look pretty good and cheap, but the A27M allow to record with different stereo techniques (X-Y etc.). I still have doubts.
Thank you very much anyway.

The SabraSom stuff is by far THE most flexible mounting system I've ever used. It easily allows for XY, ORTF, MS, AB (I use add-in bars to give me up to 3'/1Meter spread), Jecklin, and just about any other. Using the stock aluminum hardware, the unit is very light weight.

My only one gripe is that all of mine (several) are broken in the same place - right below the main pivot screw. However, a touch of 1500 lb epoxy and they're good as new - maybe even better.


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bent Sun, 12/02/2007 - 16:55
Those A27Ms are pretty heavy!
Have you looked at any of these?

Atlas Sound - TM1E

K&M Stands - 23500B & 23550

They can be used with a boom.
Edit> I've also seen some single pistol grips that they can mount to. We used to have some, but they were hand made. Look around.
Someone here might know of a manufacturer...

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moonbaby Tue, 12/04/2007 - 00:29
You might slso check out SABRASOM (Google that). They make a couple of nice multi-mic bars (2- and 4- mic versions) that let you SLIDE the mic clips into position and lock them down. Very lightweight, reasonably priced. I about fainted when I saw the price of the Neumann ( I should have expected it). But the A27M is pretty cool...I still want one of those, too...