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Pro Tools session error

I was recording an overdubbing session this weekend when something odd happened. We restarted the computer after a half hour break, and the session loaded, the faders on the 002 went up, then went back down. The session then opened up again, and the 002's faders jumpped to the correct positions, but whenever I would place the cursor to start recording something and hit apple+space to start recording, the cursor would jump to the beginning of the session and not record.

After several minutes of looking through the settings of the system, we opened another session and saw that it was only the one we were working on. We were able to get the session back without the error by recovering a session from right before we took the break.

Does anyone know what happened, and why this could've happened? I informed the artist that the session file had been 'corrupted,' and they accepted that-- but I'm honestly clueless. The only thing I can think of is that I accidentally hit a hotkey for some operational function that I'm not aware of; if this happens again, I'd like to only take a minute or less to correct it, and not be forced to go and get a file from five minutes ago that may have lost a good take.