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This could also be posted in the Producer's area, but I was here, so...

Over the past umpteen years, I've been doing mostly OPM (Other People's Music). I've now begun working with a co-writer/lyricist on my own stuff (finally!). I've had to make a few adjustments in this regard. I thought I'd post some of the differences I've noticed and see if anyone can add to the list or change my mind about these...

1. The first vocalist you try MAY not be the best one for the song. They may not provide the right "attitude" or "character". I'm so used to making the vocalist's track work, that this has been a tough one - to NOT use that first track, but to get the BEST vocalist - stylistically - for the song.

2. What I like or don't like doesn't enter into the equation. I'm not after my own artistic espression, I want to SELL the darn song. What the publisher is looking for and whether the style fits into the genre (with all the associated cliches)is the most important factor.

3. Bring focus to the LYRICS, not the arrangement or the singer's chops.

I've just found the differences more than subtle...



audiokid Mon, 10/09/2000 - 11:22

You will know when it sounds right. I'm doing the same thing and have seen/heard the huge differences a voice can make in a song. Attitude is a great word for it too.

I don't know much more to say here either but it's a good topic and I look forward to hearing from a publisher on this one.


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