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acoustic guitar hum

Hey guys , I'm hoping someone can help here with fixing an earthing hum on my steel string acoustic guitar.

It has a Fishman infinity pre amp and piezo under saddle pick up installed.

Observations : If I touch the metal end jack insert the hum goes away ,
I put one hand on the mixing desk the hum is gone ,

Can someone chime in here who has been through this and point me to a simple solution.

I have read posts where they suggest there is a problem with the pick up ,( hope its not )
I thought about earthing the guitar to the desk with another cable

cheers and happy New Year !


Smashh Fri, 01/09/2015 - 08:00

G'day there Skippy Ranger :).
We are in for the first cyclone of the season next week here in the FNQueensland .

The desk is fine all channels are quiet , its a passive sound craft , must be 10 years using it now and it all works . knock on wood ...
The only problem with the desk was a pesky rat or mouse that liked to chew one of the knobs when we left it set up on Dunk Island .
Funny thing is it went for that same knob and chewed half of it off , I didnt realise what was going down in the middle of the

AH ha , I just recall , the hum actually went away when I earthed it ( touching the input jack ) , and came back after about 5- 10 seconds ( after unearthing it )
Just in case that could help in diagnosis

Tony Carpenter Fri, 01/09/2015 - 08:14

Well mate, looks like you unfortunately, answered your own question. I would be checking the connections on the acoustic now.

Smashh, post: 423463, member: 45856 wrote: I plug other guitars in through the same fx pedal and leads with no hum

paulears Fri, 01/09/2015 - 09:29

If earthing the guitar jack to the desk works, then I'd be quite happy, and if swapping the lead shows it isn't a cable fault then it's perhaps the jack - but if connecting an extra ground works, why worry?