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Guitar Amp doesn't work, any ideas....?

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I have this old Peavy 75Watt Solo series Bandit amp. About 10 years ago dicking around I was playing with it and I had two distortion effects pedals running into it and I was jamming really loud and it just stopped working.

No crackles, no pops, nothing, just silence.

Anyways, I threw it into storage and recently dug it out because I need a new amp.

Anyways, any clues on what might of broke on it? Would it be worth getting fixed?

Someone suggested that it might just have a blown fuse, but I can't see any fuses anywhere in it. Is anyone framiler with these amps? This thing is pretty old, i've had it since about 1988.


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moonbaby Fri, 04/11/2008 - 05:53
Since when does a Peavey Bandit - a 20-year-old transistor amp- qualify as "Pro Audio Gear"? These amps are on craigslist WORKING for $50. It may not be worth fixing because of the components in those older PV's are in many cases no longer made. Are you sure that you didn't just smoke the speaker? Can you use an ohm meter to test that?

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Kapt.Krunch Fri, 04/11/2008 - 06:52
Gotta be a fuse in there, somewhere. Look around by the transformer.

Check to see that the speaker is plugged in, and wired to the speaker terminals. Ohm out the speaker.
Work all the knobs.

I wouldn't spend any real money on that thing. If you can't get it going quick and free, or for VERY little money, I'd chuck it, or sell it cheap for case anyone else thinks those little buzzzzzz-bombs are worth fixing...for whatever reason. :roll:

If you toss it, you MAY want to go ahead and keep the speaker, if it works. They really aren't too bad for clean jazz or country stuff. They're just being driven by a lousy amp.