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Looking for interface/software suggestions

I hope I have posted in the correct forum. In the past I have done composing/recording using Pro Tools 16 bit and Studio Vision. After having been off for a few years, I am now using Pro Tools 5.1 24 bit on a Blue G3.

does anyone have any suggestions as to what software and interface I should look at for composition and integrating midi? I have a rack full of sound modules and a dozen or so Sample Cds, all of which are collecting dust. I was considering Cubebase but being out of the loop for a few years I'm not sure if this would be overkill. I would also like to be able to print out a score for live players and would be greatful for any suggestions.

Thank you,


zerosin Mon, 02/05/2007 - 12:03
I love Digital Performer. I started using it years back because I had (and still have) a lot of outboard gear. I write everything with the MIDI recorder going and then tweak the performance and gear until it is ready to record. Dumping the tracks in is usually one of the last steps. The performance remains live as I write it. Doing this requires great MIDI support without glitches.

Contrary to popular belief, MIDI does not have to be robot sounding. It is just as natural as recording to tape until you start editing the notes. DP lets that creativity flow without crashing on you mid performance. It also has a huge pallet of MIDI tools, many in realtime.

Member Sun, 02/11/2007 - 08:38
Doc53 wrote:
does anyone have any suggestions as to what software and interface I should look at for composition and integrating midi?

Thank you,

So far as I know, SONAR probably deals with MIDI better than any program for under $1,000 when there is a requirement to integrate with other kinds of audio. We use it heavily in our studio because 80 percent of what we do is MIDI related and we crank out tons of synth stuff and use midi in every way conceiveable to mankind, and we rarely, if ever, run into things which SONAR cannot do midi-wise.

MIDI is not really my end of things so thats all I have to say about that.

To my understanding, MIDI interfaces are all more or less the same. Its not like A/D/A's where theres anything critical about it. Any brand will more or less do the same thing, so far as I know... but again.... MIDI is not really "my end of it" in our studio.... but since I hook all the wiring up, I know a bit about it anyway.

What is useful if you have tons of MIDI outboard gear, is a MIDI patch bay. They come in two kinds. (1) Software, and (2) Hardware. Software ones are common nowadays and if you have a MIDI interface with many inputs, the software has a little virtual patchbay to route signals.

Hardware MIDI patch bays are rare. I happen to have one. There was a company a couple years ago that was manufacturing them, but its a rare thing so I dnt know if they make them anymore.... but they work damned good... and its way better than a crappy software virtual patchbay. It'll run you around $300 - $600 though if you manage to find an old model being sold used. Works like a regular patch bay more or less... only... its MIDI.