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midi connection via midi patchbay???

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i want know the best way for midi connection using

1-midi patchbay with 2 midi inputs,8 midi outputs.

2-Roland A90 mother keyboard.

3-more than 6 sound modules.

4-Fastlane midi interface.

5-nuendo sx3

i was working before without a midi patchbay,using out from the keybaord to in midi interface,in from keyboard to out midi interface,thru from keyboard to first module in,thru from the first to in the 2nd.....etc,but i had problem that i listen the same midi channel from all sound modules i have,so i must mute all the sounds that i listen from all modules exept the sound i want!! ( this happened when i use the modules via my nuendo)i mean when i choose an external module from the list inside my nuendo....

thank you


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pr0gr4m Fri, 05/02/2008 - 23:41 your first post you listed and I quote
"1-midi patchbay with 2 midi inputs,8 midi outputs."

So that's what I was basing my suggestions on.

Like Mr. Watkins says, get yourself a midi interface. However, even with that, you need to work on some MIDI channel management. You need to set up your modules so that the each receive data on a different MIDI channel. If you are using them in a multi-timberal mode, then you'll have to be careful with which MIDI channels you use.

If you've got LOTS of MIDI devices you may need more than 16 channels. You can manage that with something like the MOTU MIDI Express. It gives you up to 128 channels. Of course, you'll need to read up a little so that you understand more about MIDI and the device but in the end it will make your life much easier.

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EricWatkins Sat, 05/03/2008 - 05:37
With respect to what pr0gr4m just said, it's easier than that. Once you have a dedicated midi interface, you really dont have to worry about channel assignments except within your project itself. The devices are known by thier port, not thier channel once the interface is installed. You'll just merely select what midi channel you want per track in your project AFTER you have selected a particular device for that track anyway. Case in point, I have 4 midi devices installed with xmls attatched to a midisport 8x8. In my project, if I want to use a cello patch in my E-mu Virtuoso, I just select the Virtuoso as the instrument for that track and then select the patch in that track. The midi channels are already set by default of however you have your template set up. If you need to change the midi channel assignment, that's just merely another mouse click on the track.

Hope all this makes sense. I think you have a pretty god grasp on what you want to do. By the looks of your equipment list, this is just a small investment to get what you want going. I know not everyone likes the M-audio midisport ( originally called a "Midiman) but I've had great luck with mine. Best of luck to you.


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Member Fri, 05/09/2008 - 17:37
Just to add there is a program that is useful for troubleshooting and organizing your MIDI setup here is the link.

EASH as stated before with your current setup you can assign each device to an indavidual MIDI channel up to 16 channels. This way when you trigger them with the main control you can swith midi channels of that device rather than mute the other devices. Read this it will help clear things up:

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EricWatkins Fri, 05/02/2008 - 05:42
I have a midisport 8x8 midi interface/patchbay. It connects to the PC with USB or a serial port connection. Once it is installed with it's drivers, It's just a matter of plugging everything into it that you want running from Nuendo/Cubase. For instance I have my main controller, a CME UF8 connected to an in port and then all the modules and other synths plugged into the midi out ports. Then in Cubase I install the individual synths into the "Midi Devices" area. You can then install an available xml file to define all of the patches for selection from your midi tracks or define your own if an xml isnt available.

In the end, what you should end up with is having your midi inputs always default to your controller everytime you open a project and have all of your modules available in the drop down menu from your midi tracks along with all of thier available patches. Then you are in midi nirvana.

Hope this helps.


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pr0gr4m Fri, 05/02/2008 - 10:09
I can't get too deep into it right work... but the essence is that you would hook 1 IN and 1 OUT of the patchbay to the computer. This way you have 2-way communication for that. Hook the A-90 into the other IN. You don't need to use an OUT for it because it's just a controller.

This leaves you with 7 OUTS. Hook each to it's own module. This way you eliminate chaining the devices which can help with timing problems.

Each device should have it's own MIDI channel. You should make sure that each MIDI track is set to send on a specific MIDI channel. This way when it plays back you should only hear sound from the module with the same MIDI channel.

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eash Fri, 05/02/2008 - 14:23
the main thing in this case is..i control all devices i have via the drop down menu of nuendo..i have xml files for evry sound module i have,BUT....i dont have midi interface with multichannels midi out..i have fastlane by motu,wich have only 1 midi in,1midi out,1midi thru...but on the other hand i have a midi pathcbay with 2 in,8 out,but i had problem that i listen the same midi channel from all sound modules i have,so i must mute all the sounds that i listen from all modules except the sound i want!! is there is a way in conncetion that i can communicate with each module in full 16 channels separatly (like the VST instruments)???