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Millenia Media Modular Mixer..mmmm?

This looks promising for portable live recording work. Any experiences or opinions? I'll be tracking a lot of acoustic and jazz sources. Is this a solid make of gear/ Will it last forever? Is the sound glorious?
I appreciate any input.


atlasproaudio Tue, 12/11/2001 - 17:06

The Millennia Media mixing suite is very nice sounding. I think it is on par with the price considering the quality you recieve. It would also make an especially nice side car for a rock n roll room that gets some jazz or small classical choral or instrumental ensembles in if they have a large enough (and acoustically solid enough) tracking room.

anonymous Wed, 12/12/2001 - 05:24

I'm lucky enough to own one. I use it for jazz and classical mixing and it is a phenomenal piece of equipment. The company also provides superb support. I have twelve channels and am putting together a fader pack using Penny and Giles faders. Its one of the few pieces of gear I own that won't be obsolete in a few years.

anonymous Thu, 12/13/2001 - 10:19

I ordered a bunch of Penny & Giles faders and am having a black aluminum plate machined with slots and fader markings and even my studio logo. The fader pack will cost about $1200 when it's finished. In the meantime I use the console as is. It's cramped but I've gotten used to it. For jazz I usually am not riding the faders anyway, but I miss the instant visual feedback that faders provide.
I can't say enough positive about the unit. It's dead quiet, extremely transparent, has a great headphone amp for location work with an extra output and control for the producer. Telarc uses them a lot for location work. Tom Jung also uses it for his DSD projects. John LaGrou at Millennia is also great to work with.

Ted Nightshade Thu, 12/13/2001 - 13:09

I read one review of the mmmm where a live engineer was saying that being transformerless, it tended to be susceptible to line noise of various kinds. Maybe this would not be so if used with a good powerconditioner like Equi=tech. ( I have one already.)
I looked up those Giles & Penny faders- gracious, those are first rate. Should be totally up to spec for the Millennia. Sounds like a big engineering job, so if I do this is it possible to have it done where you are having yours done? How many faders are you ending up with?
This system would be a stretch, but whatever I do will be, to one extent or the other.




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