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Patchbay Wiring Configuration

Hey Guys:smile:

Attached is a PDF of of my proposed patchbay layout.

Please let me know if I'm going about it the right way and please especially comment on the 'un-balanced TS or balanced TRS' cables!!

Basic Setup:

Toft ATB24

- sound source via XLR input into desk
- direct outputs from desk to patchbays
- signal after preamp, fx, etc. back into desk via 1/4" jack line input

MOTU 24 i/o

- Inputs via TRS from 'half-normaled' patchbay 'A'
- Outputs via TRS to patchbays for signal processing

Digi 003 & Focusrite OctoPre

- Inputs via TRS from 'half-normaled' Patchbay 'B'
- 8 inputs analog + 8 inputs digital/ADAT (from Focusrite)
- Outputs via TRS (from both units) for signal processing

Thanks so much for your help and invaluable advice:biggrin:

File: (Dead Link Removed)