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Reaper Drum/Midi Help?

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Ok so I just decided to download the Reaper freeware, and I really like what I see and hear so far. But I have only had it for about 15 minutes now. I've recorded a few tracks or two, just messin' around already.

But here is my question. How do I get to the drums? Am I just going to need to insert loops or can I use the midi? Also how do I control the midi (which I only can use the keyboard right now, I need to get a nice piano soon but anyways) so I can record virtual instruments? Also where would I find the loops? Would I insert them via VST or something of the sort?

Sorry I know that all these questions are answered some where else, with the use of research; which I'm getting ready to do. But hey that's what a forum is for right? I have recorded before, as in just straight audio tracks. I haven't really worked with midi and loops and such. Thanks for the help, Abe