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Recording cello & violin?

I am going to record some kids that play very well this weekend. The instruments are cello, violin and acoustic guitar. This is a recording for the grandfather so it is purely for memories. My question is what mics should I use? Very limited mike selection. SM57, Studio project C-1. B1, and some other dynamic mics (AKG). I also have an Audix drum pak with 5 mics. This is not a really serious endeavor. Thanks for any suggestions. :?


RemyRAD Wed, 07/05/2006 - 23:03
Ahhhh, children killing kitties. My favorite sound.

Because of the way young violinists sound, I would use the smoothest and most mellow sounding microphone you have. Such as perhaps the bass drum microphone from your drum pack?

I would probably use your large diaphragm condenser microphone on the cello? I would probably stay away from the SM57 which is one of my favorite microphones but with its built-in presence rise, that may just help to accentuate the less than flattering qualities of the young musicians? Although the SM57 may not be a bad choice for the acoustic guitar if you can it towards the hole?

You may also want to add a judicious amount of compression to the overall stereo recording once in your computer. It will certainly help to smooth out inconsistencies in their technique.

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