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setting up e-mu 1820m with Reaper

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I am not sure understand how to set up the inputs and outputs from the E-mu 1820m in to reaper.This is the problem.I just updated to the latest version of patchmix.I do not have any sessions saved in patchmix as of yet.So I can not go back to the old session in patchmix to were my setting were working for me with Reaper great.

Before the update to patchmix. Reaper under preferences/audio/ devices. the inputs read as Mic line input#1/Mic line input#2/input#3/ ,ect the same for the outputs, Mic line output#1/Mic line output#2/output#3.

Now once i installed the updates the inputs and outputs in Reaper are all ASIO 1-31 inputs & ASIO 1-31 outputs.Why is it setting up like this.Anyhow this sent me for a loop.If someone could shed some light on this for me,and help me set up to were my inputs & outputs are just that.If someone could explain why i am seeing ASIO 1-31 ins & outs instead of just showing the Patchmix box inputs and outputs in the preferences /Audio/Device


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AudioGaff Tue, 03/11/2008 - 19:00
First, don't be lazy. Read the manual. It is helpful and explains it all. But not all are capable of understanding it. There is a learning curve for most people using PatchMix.

Second, after you read the manual you should know how to add and configure a strip into PatchMix. Load the Product Default session that is configured for ASIO. It will work with the main inputs as is. Modify it as necessary and then save that session.

Third, Have a question about how Reaper works? Email their support where the developer will get back to you directly.

Fourth, You can find other E-MU people catching a clue on the E-MU Unofficial forums.