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Yamaha msp5's or ms80's?

i'm thinking about buying a second pair of speakers.
i'm thinking about either the Yamaha MSP5's or the MS80's
anyone ever used both, or have any opinions/suggestions/equasions?

thanks in advance


TeddyG Thu, 04/13/2006 - 11:34
I would think the question would be the MSP5A's or the HS50's? As they're both 5" mains??? The 8's, of any type, would be a whole 'nother question, wouldn't it? I got the MSP5A's, as I don't have room for 8's, don't need their, possible, bass-extension and had, at time of ordering, neither seen or heard any HS50's or read any reviews of same... After seeing my first review of the 50's,(Though not seen/heard them!), I'm still not worried that I'll be disapointed with the MSP5A's - even at a hundred bucks more a pair...