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hardware synths vs vst/vsti?

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8 years
ok...I'm curious , I currently have a rack of samplers and synths, a carry over from my midi days... (aka 5000, Roland 550) and more.

I'm curious to know since the computers are getting far more powerful, and the vst's are getting so good , who has migrated to vst solutions and has abandoned hardware synth all together...?

This is coming from my deep dive in Studio One and working with MAI THAI synth and presence XT.

AK-11 (for analog-synth-geeks)

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8 years 6 months
I recently purchased a Waldorf MicroWave (Rev B, CEM 3387, OS 2.0) and instantly fell in love with it, up to the extent I recorded a track using the MW as the only instrument (drums aside):


There is no mastering here, just a mix upped to 0 db.
All synth parts were played by hand and recorded directly to a Motu 896 MK3 in Ableton Live 8.
I used samples for the drum.

Please let me know what you think about the mix and the production itself.


StudioPackage- Focal CMS 50's, 35 Ft.RoomSnake, BognerDuende, Vsynth, 96TTPatchbay, Pitbull Mic&more

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11 years
Package deal can be negotiated or you can buy individually - prices below and Pictures at the bottom.

Bogner Duende Amp with 6v6 version (18 watt) Studio Recording Amp
This amp is about 4 year old. I bought it new from Bogner directly. It only been played it a couple dozen times and put it in storage during a move. It’s been in storage ever since. I just pulled it out fired it up. It is in great condition and sounds incredible!

Record From Synth & E-Drums & Mic

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8 years 5 months
hey all.
so i bought my new gear which includes:
- Tascam US-122-MKII
- SE Electronics X1 LD Cardriod Condenser Microphone
- Meledi DD506 (E DRUM KIT)
this is my very first "professional" setup.

now.. im about to buy MFB NanoZwerg Monophonic Analouge Synthesizer and i want to know some stuff.

so i begin:

1) lets say i want to record the drums with midi (i have midi in & out on both e drums and the tascam) to fruity loops or ableton or any DAW even.

A good recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack?

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10 years 4 months

I want to buy a decent and recent VST instrument/synth/sampler pack that has a good size library and some quality sounds
I'm looking at Native Instruments Komplete 8, but I'm wondering.. are there any better/cheaper/smaller alternatives?
I tried Komplete 7 and I thought FM8 (?) was good. Maybe also because of the way you browse through styles etc. to get the right sounds
A lot of what I see around is somewhat old. And I guess I don't need that huge library and various modules that comes with Komplete8

Is NI Razor a good overall synth?

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10 years 2 months
I've been looking for a good software synth to really put some time into and master. This one is extremely affordable, and it seems very unique, and from the looks of it, not a whole lot of people have taken the time to truly learn it and use it to its fullest potential yet. It looks like it's capable of most of the things that Massive or similar synths can do, and the interface is just awesome in my opinion. It seems like you can do a whole lot with it, especially since it comes with a vocoder.