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Issue with playback volume

Hi All,

I've recently re-setup my Mackie 24.8 track, after about a decade of not using it. 

The desk isn't bad, - and it does what I want it to do, However - If i record a track, and then play it back, the playback volume is way quieter than the initial recording volume.. 

I've got no idea what's happening.. Please could somebody give me any suggestions on how to fix this? 

Many Thanks.



Volume Issue

Hi! I don't know how is it possible but i have a problem with my system and DAW ... I use FL Studio for making beats, but volume in DAW is too low, even after mixing and mastering it sounds extremely low, my friend sends me unmastered music (he uses FL Studio too) for mixing and mastering, and he is not even hit 0 db but his music is loud, another strange thing is when i send him a mastered song, and he import it in his DAW, it becomes louder after rendering.

guitarist adjusts volume during recording

Recording a guitar into a mixer via an Acoustic Image Clarus preamp out, and out to a video camera. The problem is that the guitarist often adjusts his volume during playing, and that can mess up my signal level going into the camera. Other situation is when he plays chord melody, the signal is pretty weak. Someone told me that a compressor/limiter would solve this problem, such as the PreSonus Comp16. I know nothing about these units, or any other units for that matter, and just trying to solve this volume problem. Will it help, or should I be looking for something else?

Behringer Xenyx x1222usb - Computer audio volume control on the mixer?

I record a podcast and I recently got the Behringer xenyx x1222usb to record myself and some friends. I plug the board into my PC, using Adobe Audition.

Sometimes, I'd like to play some audio from the computer I'm using to record back into the board. (Example: A Youtube video playing from the computer that's recording live, as me and my cohosts do commentary over it) When I try to do this, there doesn't seem any volume control on the mixer. Is there any way to control the volume from the board? Or are my laptop's onboard audio controls the only way?

Roland TD-11 and Pro Tools 10 volume problems

Hi all,

I have an 08 dual xeon Mac Pro running Pro Tools 10.3.1-ish.

I use the Mbox Pro as an interface bc, well, I think it's alright, and I'm not large enough to need a rack mount.

Using Roland TD-11's, running the 1/4" to 1/4" into channels 1 and 2 of the Mbox Pro, cranking the gains on it, cranking the gain on the armed track, and the volume of the TD-11's is still low. It's not peaking anywhere, it's just too low no matter how much you gain up.

Volume Level

Wasnt Shure where to post this, maybe in the daw section. Anyways, I'm listening too songs i have been recording and exporting over the last years and i find that the volume level is very different for each of the songs. Its kind of annoying. Is there a way to deal with and correct this without spending several hours?

In general i find it very challenging to keep the same persistent volume level for songs i have made a year ago vs. last month. Is there some special tools that can help with this?


Mic volume won't go up

Hello. I purchased a Tascam US-4x4 interface for my windows 7 laptop. I'm hooking two dynamic XLR mics up to it. It took me three hours to figure out how to properly install the driver because even though it would install successfully, the Tascam panel and Audacity wouldn't read the device. Finally I disabled my anti virus and made sure to not have the interface plugged into the laptop during installation to get it to work. However, now the problem is that the volume is very low. If I turn gain knob on the interface ALL the way up, the volume is fine. But we know that's not the way to go.

Volume Control Question.

For my setup, I have the sound going from my sound card directly into an external amplifer via rca cable where my monitors are connected (passive monitors). When mixing at high volume would it be optimal to turn the output of my amplifer all the way up and control the volume with my sound card or turn the output level of my sound card all the way up and control the volume with my amplifer, or somewhere in the middle? or does it really not matter and just preference?