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I am researching building a studio within an existing structure. The structure is an office park and the unit is on the corner. There will be one shared firewall in which I will not have to use for the studio space. I will be floating the floors. Although I would enjoy thoughts on the construction of the floors, walls and ceilings, I am really looking at diffusion/reflection solutions. The ceilings will probably be 13/14" in the live room and I'm not sure in the control room. I have purchased the book "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget" and am learning quite a bit.

I wonder if anyone could point me to other really good books or links that goes in depth on this subject. Although I plan on consultation for the project, I will not have the funds for someone else to design and build, so I am content to try myself this go 'round.

Also, any tips from experience would really be helpful.

Thanks, Thomas


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