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AMEK System 9098 Pre's

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Any experience and or comments are greatly appreciated. Details, details, details...
this thing is only aabout $1700 for 2 channels... not TOO bad...


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Guest Wed, 10/24/2001 - 04:49
They are 'quick' as opposed to 'slow' (ala API which give a compressed thwack on drums or 'juiced overtones' on electrics).

IMHO Good for:

Stunning 'you are there' jazz style recordings
i.e "my god that shaker sounds like it is in the room next to me"..

If you like a Ry Cooder / Ricky Lee Jones style 'jazz reality' sound these give it BIG TIME! (IMHO).

They help make sounds leap out right at you.. and add a 'classy slickness' I borrowed a 4 way unit for months, I still to this day have repeat clients from that period!!!!!!

I honestly dont know why I never got me some in the end...

Finaly, the cumulative effect of using them on 'everything' (every overdub) made for a stunning overall sound to the projets I used em on...

Anyone else?


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21 years 3 months

archived member Fri, 10/26/2001 - 11:43
Originally posted by Jay Kahrs:
I've tried the 9098 pre/EQ and while I like the EQ I haven't been knocked out by the preamp. Very bland and midrangy to my ear. Is there a difference between the pres in the DMA and the EQ?

The opinions on the 9098 pre/eq seem to be evenly split between those like yours, favoring the eq section and the opposite. I liked the pre, but wasn't exactly thrilled by the eq. Go figure.
Still, no one seems to dispute the fact that the unit has class.