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Behringer UB-802 in 1HE 19"rackunit?

Does anyone know of a 1HE 19" rack mixer that has the same connectivity as the Behringer UB-802? I use it for personal monitoring. The signals it should handle are:

* 2 x balanced line - in for monitor mix and direct guitar amp both in stereo (not necessarily XLR, TRS is good)
* 1-2 x mic + phantom for direct microphone
* stereo balanced out (feeds my IEM)
Numark and Alesis have a model that does this (almost) but they are not what you'd call a leap ahead from the UB-802. I'd like it to be just a tad better than the Behringer, which isn't too bad for what I do. The budget is around EUR 300,00.


moonbaby Thu, 05/18/2006 - 07:41
Why haven't you considered the Mackie 1202VLZ? Definitely better build quality than the other brands you've mentioned. Very flexible connectivity.
And in your price range, I would think (in the States these go used for about $200). Something to think about, these are considered by many in the live sound biz to be the "Swiss Army Knife" for submixing...