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Digital transfer to computer - Edirol 1X recording levels

Hi forum!

I bought the Edirol 1X a few months ago intending to use it to transfer cassette tapes and vinyl directly through its USB to my computer at home and at work - since it is so protable. Since then I have discovered that the 1X model only has a high and low impedence switch so the input level is very limited. I wanted to bypass my crummy 90s Yamaha amplifier when transferring vinyl at home and go directly from the turntable 9 (which is a high end 70s model), but neither the high or low impedence produces a strong enough signal from the turntable to record. The cassette tapes will transfer ok but the peak level is about half of what it should be in Audition.

So here are my questions. Since the signal being recorded is digital, if it is digitally boosted in Audition after it is recorded does it do any 'damage' to the sound? Secondly, would the 1EX (which has a volume control) work better or is there a different device that you recommend that would accomplish both of these tasks?

My intention is to have a portable device that would make a better digital transfer of vinyl than my Sound Blaster Live! card while bypassing my amplifier at home - and that I could use with my cassette deck which is at work (where I can leave the deck running/transferring on a second computer all day while I do real work.)

Thanks for your input.



Pro Audio Guest Thu, 03/16/2006 - 07:18
Thanks Michael,

So, I wonder if I used the Edirol strictly for the cassettes, would I be better off getting one of the new digital preamp/converters specifically for recording vinyl so I could bypass the amp? I have noticed in the past that records that I have converted to CDs using that amp have a noticeable lack of bass response. I'm quite sure it's not the turntable or cartridge. If you think this would be a better route to go any product suggestions?


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 20:43
charles-isc wrote: I understand that I need a preamp for a turntable connection. I was hoping that the digital device had such a preamp built into it. I'm just trying to find a better solution than a cheap 1990s home amplifier.

Rotel 970 is a decent sounding Phono Preamp for a very reasonable price, strictly analog though. I've never seen a phono preamp with digital converters built in.