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Direct Injection Experiment

So I learned that direct boxes match impedance, and that this alters the tone of an instrument. So I set out to test this for myself, and this is what I've come up with:

http://www.soundcli… Direct Injection Experiment MP3

First guitar sample is with a modelling processor* which has an "amp/line" switch. The second guitar sample is without the processor. Pattern repeats for all three experiments. The same guitar line was played three times. Each time the processor was used first, and then not used.

Signal chain:

A) Ibanez SZ 320, guitar cable to M-Audio Delta 1010, multi-pin cable to M- Audio Delta 1010 soundcard in HP Pavilion PC.

B) Ibanez SZ 320, guitar cable to AX10B, guitar cable to M-Audio Delta 1010, multi-pin cable to M- Audio Delta 1010 soundcard in HP Pavilion PC.

*The processor may or may not match impedance, and the results may not be valid. My intention is to try and gain understanding of a real direct box and the sound changes. I want to begin again with an uncomplicated, simple, direct injection box.


Cacacas Sun, 11/07/2010 - 13:22
I used a Korg Tone Work AX10B modeling processor. The unit is an effects processor for bass, but there is a switch on the back which says "Amp or Line". Does that match impedence? I bypassed all effects. Now I'm wondering if it wasn't the DI function of the processor, or if it even has a DI function. I emailed Korg and asked them, hopefully they should reply soon.

dvdhawk Sun, 11/07/2010 - 14:27
The Amp/Line switch would switch sensitivity to match the input of a guitar/bass "Amp" or it's best suited for a mixer or recorder in "Line".
In theory, switching to "Amp" should defeat the Korg's amp simulation. Maybe some of what we're hearing is amp character being added, even with the other effects bypassed.

I downloaded the manual to have a look and it's pretty skimpy on specs.

Cacacas Mon, 11/15/2010 - 14:26
Update on the processor. Korg did not disclose to me whether the impedance matched, and so I will have to do another injection experiment. I'm confident now that the results can't be verified. Hopefully, I can do another experiment with a normal DI box. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.


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