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I just got the chance to use this live . I can say that it really helps rounding out the sound for the bass . My bassist loved the tone . I have other pieces of their gear and I'm very satisfied with all of it .

Any other people had any experience with this DI or any others . Would love to know what and how other people are using them .

Next,I'm going to try my guitar through it . Can't wait


pcrecord Mon, 06/01/2015 - 17:29

Hey Tommy welcome back, it's been a while ;).
This DI seems interesting.. It reminds me of the Groove tube the brick which had a mic preamp as well but I'm currious how different it sounds
Some of my friends use the Avalon DI for live and studio.. He gets an amazing sound by using this alone with a monitor PA and a 4-10'' cabinet.
In the studio, I uses Focusrite ISA Di most of the time because it's very dynamic and fast or if I want a softer sound I go with the LA-610.

For guitars, I found that dedicated DI like that make a world of difference specially if you use an amp simulator or record clean to re-amp later.

Tommy osuna Tue, 06/02/2015 - 10:02

Yes, well I know theirs a lot a reviews and some youtube videos of them . I'll look but so far live has been what I've heard it in. Also with a good pa a bass player wouldn't even have to bring his cabinet just plug in straight into the board with this that's what I found fascinating . More to come
Here is a video I found maybe this will give you more info on it