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Monitor Amp - Need Help

I have a problem. .my arsely power amp just died (thank god). Now I have a legit reason to buy a nice poweramp. I have a set of "vintage" JBL 4312's. So, for the poweramp I am thinking bryston 2 or 3 B(since I dont need to super loud at all). The problem is that I need to be able to hook a DVD, CD player and whatnot up to it so Im guessing I need a preamp? Can anyone recommend one that will not destroy that beauty that is Bryston or if I am way of base here correct me? Sorry for the dumbass post but I need an answer quick. Im in the zone recording and this has me on lockdown *sob cry cry sob*


P.S. I dont need surround, just 2 speakers and I dont need to be spending 1000 dollars so this is some ebay action. Hell I dont even mind switching out RCA jacks when I want to watch I movie. .so what does a preamp do for me?


Massive Mastering Thu, 04/13/2006 - 20:50

I'd definitely get some sort of preamp... Not too easy to find without being integrated with an amplifier lately though - At least not without being rather expensive...

But a stereo unit shouldn't be too hard to find... You can probably get a rather nice one used.

I'd go with the 3B on the amp though - Even though you don't need too much volume, that headroom might come in handy pushing those Jibbles.

anonymous Fri, 04/14/2006 - 07:05

Thanks. Can you recommend some brands or something used I should be looking for? Im assuming a cheap preamp on top of a sweet poweramp is going to pretty much nullify the flat response? Im sorry, this is just so out of my realm of 'expertise'(trust me, I use that term lightly). Im pretty much wandering blind here.

Edit: It seems like I remember seeing Hafler being mentioned around here? Would it be a travesty to put a Hafler preamp on top of the bryston 3B?




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