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Cubase amp simulator problems

Hi everyone

Im having a huge problem recordin in cubase.
Every time i try to use an amp simulator it just doesnt give any sound.If i put it on bypass the guitar is heard again
but when i turn on the amp again its just white noise .
Could anyone help ?
Thank you.


JohnTodd Wed, 01/29/2014 - 18:05

That is strange.

I use Cubase and Amplitube or Guitar Rig. Do you have monitoring switched on for that track? Are you telling that track to receive from the proper input your guitar is plugged into?

The white noise could be the 'distortion' the sim is generating. I know my amp sims will hiss at me on hi gain settings like a real amp does. Could mean it is working fine but getting no signal. Like a real amp cranked up with no guitar plugged in.

And check the sims' master output, too.



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