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newb starting out and need some advice..

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I have recorded a few things in the past with my old band, but I don't have all the things I use to use. Before I had some drum mics(i forget what kind), an sm57, then those two cheap mxl condenser mics that you can get for like $100. I had them all through a samson mixer and then I recorded with a Roland Vs880.

I sold the Roland because it just stopped working one day haha. I now have a Macbook(using garageband) and I still have the Samson mixer and one of the mxl condenser mics(the thin one). I have been jamming with a few people lately, one of which is my cousin who was in my old band. My drumset is an older Pearl Sessions Series kit from when they were made out of mahogany with Sabian cymbals. My cousin has a Vox 2 12 combo amp with a Gibson SG. The only recording we did was with the mxl mic in the middle of the room and it sounded kinda eh haha. I was thinking of getting a decent drum mic kit. The samson ones on ebay are really cheap anyone have experience with these? Either way I would need to buy overheads. What is usually the better way to go as far as dynamic vs condenser for overheads? I figure I could buy a couple SM58s, should I just get 2 or 3 of those and just remove the screen(i read on here the 58 is the same as the 57 but with a screen) when using them for guitar, bass, and drums? Also when using a usb interface, does that allow you record like the drums and guitar at the same time but on separate tracks?

We are my mom's basement at the moment(I am a freshman in college) and she is thinking of finishing it off. I am thinking of proposing the idea of me and my cousin doing the work in exchange for her paying for soundproofing. I have done a little of this kind of work because my dad use to be a carpenter, and I am sure he would help if needed. The only thing is there a certain type of insulation that I could use for soundproofing or something?


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bent Mon, 12/03/2007 - 17:29
Wow, you're asking us to cover a lot of ground with your post.
Most folks only ask one of your questions at a time...

I'd be happy to oblige, however, I know that the answer to each of your questions has already been written on this site.

Try using the search link above, perhaps you will then be able to narrow down your query.

To help you out, here's a good read (also a sticky).

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Davedog Mon, 12/03/2007 - 22:09
I'll be yer huckleberry.....

The answer to your first question is, yes. And the answer to the second one is also a Yes.

All of these things have been covered by a LOT of folks here. The acoustics forum is very specific on the brands and types of insulation used in a room, go there and ask this question.