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soundcraft hook up to firepod

i have the spirit LX7. there are three XLR outs (mixL,mixR,mono)and 8 balanced direct outs per channel 1thru8.

right now I'm using all three XLR outs of the soundcraft into channels 1,2,&3 of the firepod and the balanced direct outs from 5 other channels into the 4thru8 firepod channels,using TRS cables.

i guess my goal is to use the pre's from the soundcraft as much as possible and the pre's from the firepod as little as possible.
my guess on how to do that is by setting the attenuators on the firepod to unity and driving my signal with the soundcrafts trim.

if there are any signal routing configurations that may suit me better or worse id like to know.
I'll leave it at that for a bit till i figure out where i stand.


hueseph Wed, 02/21/2007 - 16:42

Forget about the Right and Left Mix outputs. Go from the 8 direct outs to the 8 inputs on the firepod. The mix outputs will just send the main stereo bus to the first two inputs on the firepod. That will include all the channels on the soundcraft. That is 1-8 on the mixer to inputs 1 and 2 on the firepod. Are the direct outs balanced? You may need to buy some T/S or T/R/S to XLR cables.

RemyRAD Wed, 02/21/2007 - 18:44

Dear Mr. Bill Jr. rockstar, as hueseph indicated, you should take the 8 direct outputs to the 1/4" inputs on the Fire Pod. Balanced, or unbalanced, doesn't really make much difference but I suggest using the 1/4" inputs. The only reason to use the XLR balanced connectors might make some sense if you're running your cables long but I've never really known of too many people to have their consoles and recorders that far apart. But here is the part where having a rudimentary Patch Bay could be highly beneficial. You may have situations at times, where you might want to utilize 4 or more microphones or other inputs but only want them to record onto a single or 2 tracks input to the Fire Pod. That is where you want the Left - Right outputs available on a patch where they can be bused/patched to the desired input/inputs. Plus, you might want to insert outboard compressors and/or equalizer's from the console to the recorder input at recording time? You don't always want to do that stuff after-the-fact. So having a couple of patch panels is a good thing and makes your studio that much more professional and ultimately more versatile.

Does this make more sense?
Ms. Remy Ann David

hueseph Wed, 02/21/2007 - 19:32

Right. I tried to edit my post but you beat me to it. 1/4" cables it is. The XLR input on the firepod are mic inputs and the 1/4" either on the front combo inputs or rear panel are line level. Actually, for the sake of simplicity. It might be best to go into the line inputs on the back panel. That way you have the option of using the instrument level inputs on the front 1 and 2.



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