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A song recorded by me ( want opnions )

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Hi guyss..

This song is from my partner... he is Piano player and my other partner is guitar player ( and is the one who sings and play the guitar in this song )

I used the following equipments to make this song:

AKG C414 and an AVALON 737SP VT to make all accoustic recorrdings
The percusion was:
2 Shekeres ( Hard Left and hard Right )
1 Snare drum with brushes ( 2 mics: AKG 414 overhead and SM57 on the snare )
1 Maracas
1 Pot ( i think this name is Universal ( its an instrument like a vase and have a very good low frequency sound)
1 Bongo
1 Ride Cym
1 Splash and 1 Crash Cym

Other Instruments:
Piano: The Grand
Guitar: Fender Stratocaster with a POD
Bass: G&L Bass ( don't remember the Model )
and Kurzewil k2500 to make the Pad

All tracks were recorded using my old Layla20 using WinXP and Nuendo.
The plugins i used:
Waves Renaiscence Compressor
Waves Renaiscence Vox
Waves Renaiscence Eq
Waves Metaflanger
Timeworks Reverb ( all reverbs of the song )
PSP 84 for all delays
and some Nuendo internal EQ

that's it guys...
Hope u like this song..
put your comments here..