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DAT transfers using Tascam FW-1804

So I'm doing a project for my boss transfering some old DAT masters to Cubase to possibly edit together some "behind the scenes" type moments. Right now, I'm using a Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT deck and his Tascam FW-1804. I'm using the A/DAT (optical) out for the DAT deck into the 1804, via its optical. I've never used this Tascam unit before, but I have made some analog transfers with the Sony DAT unit, and has worked fine. I've set up my VST connections in Cubase, and I'm pretty sure I have the internal routing setup in the control software for the Tascam (the manual is terrible, by the way!) set correctly, yet I can not get any audio to Cubase.

I hooked up my DVD player to the Tascam using the coax out, and set up the inputs in the VST connects accordingly, and was able to get the audio signal just fine. I'm thinking either there is a problem with my optical outs on the Tascam, or I'm just overlooking something really basic. Any advice would be great!




Pro Audio Guest Thu, 04/05/2007 - 11:05
Yeah, thanks for the reply...I definitely had the setting correct in the Tascam software, as well as in Cubase... I finally got so irritated I went home and got my Digi 002. Double checked the I/O settings to be sure, and it worked like a charm. No jitter, nothing. I doubt if I'll ever use that stupid Tascam again, it's never ever worked right!