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Mac or PC

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It’s the legendary Question but which is better?

I own a mobile recording studio mainly used for recording live gigs.

At the moment I have a Presonus FP10 and an old Mesh laptop recently the mesh has died and am looking towards getting a new one.

What should I go for... Mac or Pc? Which is better for recording??

Thanks in advance...



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Sidhu Mon, 04/07/2008 - 14:19
Considering that both are intels now, If u are looking laptop, get a mac. A similarly spec'd windows laptop will cost more. And a mac can run windows. However, consider that a macbook will not have an expansion slot. A macbook pro will.

If looking to go desktop, i would prefer a windows machine. Much cheaper, and if configured well, runs fantastic. Unless ofcource u run mac based applets.