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Picking a recorder

Hello one and all! I am a newbie here, so here goes...

I am in the market for a stand alone multi-tracker. I understand the importance of a good recording chain (mics-pre mics-cords), and know that good monitors are a very important element in making something sound good. I have studied bit depth, and am wanting to record in 24 bit, and would settle for 44.1 sample rate. I can't afford a high-end unit, and have read several hours worth of forums on different units. I have reduced my choices to three. Each unit has some good things, and during the process I would start leaning towards a certain one, then would find a users forum for the unit that would have negative comments or complaints about exsisting limitations. I know each one has pros an cons, and am not sold (or might not use) of any of the three's pre-amps. So I thought I would list the three, and see if there was one that might stand out between them here on this forum. Thanks for reading, and for any advice.

Roland VS2400 - Korg D3200 - Yamaha Aw1600


TeddyG Fri, 11/17/2006 - 07:42
I'm not being facitious(I'm not even sure if I'm spelling facetious correctly?)...

Do all the research you can, narrow it down and pick "your one" because it "looks prettiest" - if that's all that's left to figure...

Long as they all meet your needs, you've sort've gone as far as you can go...

An example: I wanted to pick a "pro" soundcard. I looked at all I could find, throwing out many along the way for a variety of reasons. Finally, I narrowed the field to two. I picked the one with the "right" connectors - fewer adapters would be needed. I was happy.


Oh! In my case, "pretty" was not a parameter, as it lives inside my machine and I can't see it anyway...

pr0gr4m Fri, 11/17/2006 - 11:21
There was a good issue of Keyboard magazine a few months back that reviewed all the major brands. The main article was about recording keyboards, but they had some really good reviews of the all-in-one recording devices that they used. I think they used Roland, Korg, Akai and maybe Tascam or Fostex. Lots of good info in that article.

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 12/10/2006 - 19:52
i would vote for the korg. I'v'e never used one but i researched it. Looks like a quality system for its price range. Or if you can save some money you can either get a good DAW or do what i did and get a Alesis HD24. I got mine for about $1200 on ebay and it has produced sounds as good as if not better than modern recordings. But its enitrely up to you on what you want to do.