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12th fret


 Example on micing an acoustic guitar using an SDC pointed at the 12th fret

Micing an acoustic guitar

Recording a Rumba Flamenca nylon string guitar

Hello Forum,

I'm trying to find any tips on how to record a Rumba Flamenca Nylon string guitar using a single condenser mic. Also, any information on how to apply EQ, compression, reverb, etc to the guitar. Is there any online application that can provide you like a guide on what settings to use on reverb or delay or any other effect?

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Critique of acoustic guitar tune please?

I recently finished an album of all-acoustic guitar songs. Kinda jazzy, folky, mellow easy listening. I recorded this particular tune with 2 condenser mics focused in an X-Y configuration near 12th fret. The mics were 2 AKG P170's. The mics were both run into 2 separate tube preamps then into a KORG D888 digital 8 track machine. I recorded the rhythm track first then the lead track next. Then transferred the 2 files to computer and produced in the DAW called "MIXCRAFT". I used an open tuning with a drop D and some other adjustments I cant remember right now.

HPF Suggestions

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Hi guys. :)
I'm tracking an acoustic guitar today, it's a driving part, heavy strumming (think Bob Seger's "Night Moves" style).
I want to try using a newer AKG 414/XLS model. The mic has 3 HPF selections; 40, 80, and 160hz. Im assuming the slope is -12 ( I could be wrong about that, it might be -6 but at that point it would be more of a shelf than an actual HPF? I'm not as familiar with the newer 414 models )...

Oktava MK 012 on acoustic guitar

I just got my matched cardioid pair ! I haven't done any serious work with them yet. I did however, do a quik setup and record to tape of my acoustic guitar. I did use them as a spaced pair. I bought these specifically for recording my acoustic guitar. These are some extremely sensitive mics. Wow. I'm thinking that the 10db pad may be required for close mic of guitar and I will obviously be spending some time getting my placement and gain staging just right.

Acoustic guitars for recording?

I owned the Taylor 314CE for years and passed it off to my daughter. I need a new Taylor or something comparable to be able to earn some extra income. I don't really want the electronics. I'd much rather have nothing inside the box.
That being said, I have been considering the 414CE for some time because I've read its a choice studio acoustic. I also read the Taylor GC8 is really nice too. The slotted peg system in intriguing.

I'm still undecided.

Or, what do you recommend for acoustic guitars?