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 Example on micing an acoustic guitar using an SDC pointed at the 12th fret

Micing an acoustic guitar

Recording a Rumba Flamenca nylon string guitar

Hello Forum,

I'm trying to find any tips on how to record a Rumba Flamenca Nylon string guitar using a single condenser mic. Also, any information on how to apply EQ, compression, reverb, etc to the guitar. Is there any online application that can provide you like a guide on what settings to use on reverb or delay or any other effect?

Thanks in advanced,


Critique of acoustic guitar tune please?

I recently finished an album of all-acoustic guitar songs. Kinda jazzy, folky, mellow easy listening. I recorded this particular tune with 2 condenser mics focused in an X-Y configuration near 12th fret. The mics were 2 AKG P170's. The mics were both run into 2 separate tube preamps then into a KORG D888 digital 8 track machine. I recorded the rhythm track first then the lead track next.

New video : Stereo mic technics - get better at it !


Hi gang,
This is very basic stuff but I thought some RO newcomers may value this.
The video explains different stereo micking technics and let's you hear the different results they offer.
Also I've made a mid/side test with a condenser and a ribbon mic because we talked about it a few times here.