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Recording Music on Video from a Voice Recorder

This may not be the Norm! but I'm interested in recording Background Music onto a Digital Voice Recorder, and then playing that Music into my Phone while it is shooting a Video! which hopefully will result in Raw Camera Video File, with BG Music! ...My question is, Can this be done? and what would I need to do It?

Mix n Mastering feedback pleasey... Thank You All (COVID 19) (Voice n Piano)

Hi folks, totally new here. Have been playing around with song writing for the last 10 years. I don't mind writing but recording and mixing (to end up with what I have in my head) is the difficult bit aint it! Steep learning curve.

amateur movie production removing directors voice

I am doing some amateur movie work with a very small crew(me) and a small cast of actors. I would like to be able to remove the directors voice from the finished soundtrack. I'm new at audio stuff but have a good deal of other types of computer editing (video game development).


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