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Issues Recording Voice using Audacity and/or Abelton Live Lite

How's it going, fellas?

For my vocal sessions (usually speaking) I'm currently using a Focusrite 2i2 and a Boya PVM-1000 mic. The interface is plugged directly into my laptop.

I have my Youtube channel going and all, but the audio is trash when I'm in my "studio" recording. I have gone through many searches when using Audacity. "normalize sound", "bass and treble", "compression". The audio still comes out SUPER "tinny" and "digital" sounding. I'm trying to find a solution.

Logic introduces voice commands!

This is very cool i think! Especially for small mix adjustments where you don't want to scroll across the entire screen, or mutes etc. Its literally like working with an assistant that doesn't require you to supply lunch.

I felt this was going to be a trend when izotope introduced the spire voice activated recorder. I remember Dave Hawk joking about how it would misunderstand the commands, and tossing it thru the wall.


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