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I know all these school questions that are asked on here probably get pretty annoying.. so I'm sorry about asking another! But this has been on my mind and I wasn't sure who to ask who would actually know.

I've picked up on the fact that labels and such look much more for raw talent than degrees in school, however I've also found that they appreciate a degree in communications.
In my first and second choice schools for next fall, I would be a major in Communications (with a concentration in media) and Image Management. The thing is, the second choice school is not exactly.. how should I put this...a "tough" school. ? I've heard the term "slacker school" thrown around once or twice, as it's probably aimed towards those who really didn't do too hot in high school. But based on my own personal reasons, it's in the running for where I'll be next fall.
I'm wondering if it makes a big difference WHERE you went to school to these future employers of mine. (I dont see how it couldn't, really.)

After taking a year or two off from school, I'm stuck with a new found motivation and dedication to my education and the not-so-awesome grades from when I attended HS. I am a hard worker and don't want my choice of school to reflect anything different. But like I said, I could very well end up here regardless.

Sorry this turned into somewhat of a novel... didn't mean to write so much.

Any advice?

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. I've been so stressed about going through all this application stuff for a second time.


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RemyRAD Fri, 12/08/2006 - 21:36
Juliana, I think you're thought to major in communications makes much more sense than majoring in something like the recording arts and sciences? That degree will give you a much broader appeal. I think that while some people may look at the school you went to? Most people will be more interested in you, your passion, your intelligence, your personality than just your degree. They'll know that regardless of which college you went to for communications, they'll know whether you learned anything or not and whether you are intelligent enough for the position they have available. Sure, many people know of those universities that have well-known truly excellent programs but nobody is going to look down upon you. If they do, you don't want to work for them anyhow.

High school dropout without a college degree in the business over 36 years.
Ms. Remy Ann David

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Member Sat, 12/09/2006 - 17:23
There is no doubt that the school ratings are important.

Depending on the person/company interviewing there will be certain factors that will more important than others. For example: if you have composition degree from...say...Eastman it will look infinitely better on you resume' as a Composer than a degree from some other institution that is lesser known for that particular major.

Jobs which rely on resumee' usually hire with this system:

1) they receive all resumees

2) they select the ones that look interesting

3) they do another filtering among that batch

4) they contact the applicants in order of preference

The important thing is that the school you go to has at least a VERY GOOD reputation SPECIFICALLY for the major you choose.