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Quick Trance Track

Alright so I was getting frustration with the actual track I was working on, and decided I wanted to do something based on Resistance by Muse. So I came up with this. This is my first EVER Trance style track (So please be gentle).

Constructive criticism is always welcomed. I am using an Alesis Q49 midi controller, Nexus2, Vanguard, Massive, and Cubase to record.



audiokid Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:10

What do you want to know?

First suggestion would be to add a lot more echo on the first saw tooth lead line plus, turn it down so its not so in front. Its way too dry for my tastes. I hear the echo but mix in more!

Give me an example of what your are shooting for? A song I can compare yours with?