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Quick n' Dirty Pop Punk Mix

http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/]="http://www.toddejon…"]Flabbergasted[/] - Trump fans may be put off by the lyrics.

I hastily threw this together, but I'm digging the vibe. Before I start ruining it through overwork, I thought I'd seek some input on the mix so far.

Particulars: It's all me. Drums are programmed via Native Instruments Studio Drummer. All else is real.




dvdhawk Wed, 04/05/2017 - 09:40

Good to see you again Todzilla,

You might recall, I'm a fan of your work. I've really enjoyed everything you've been kind enough to share with us. I remember them to be interesting/clever songs and super-clean recordings, and this one is obviously wild and woolly, so I trust that's deliberate. I like this song too. I really like the raw energy, and think you're on to something, but I wonder if the extent of the 'wild and woolly' might be detracting from the song to some extent.

I think the lyrics (which are the star of the show) would be better served if you backed the guitar(s) and bass down a bit. That would also let the drums back into the picture. They get buried once you get past the intro. The groove definitely works with some distortion, but I don't think the distortion is essential to it working. With everything overdriven, I'd really pay attention to the low-mids. They really seem to be swamping everything. Or maybe better yet, don't overdrive the drum tracks as much, or maybe not at all and let them be really punchy and raw. (drain some of the 'swampy')

For some reason I think my approach on this particular song (for the way I hear it in my head) would be to establish the relationship between the vocals and drums first (as if the song were strictly drums and vocals, start to finish) - then mix in the guitar to support that, and the bass last to fill out the bottom end.

That's my 2¢

Todzilla Wed, 04/05/2017 - 12:57

Thanks man!

Yeah, I'm back after navigating some hideous personal issues, but let's just say I got to keep the house and studio, but they cost me dearly. And I'll also add I have enough personal anguish for 136 Country albums. :cry:

Yeah, the wild and wooliness is deliberate, for sure. Much of my material starts to want to be Steely Dan in production, while I'm striving for Motorhead. I am going to review your comments carefully. I did little to the guitars or bass, other than to throw some NI GuitarRig sims on them, so plenty of flexibility left in terms of levels, tone and EQ. I won't sweat the drums yet, since I have a real drummer coming over soon to put realness down, but when I do, I'll ponder your points carefully.